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Fence Contractors

Choosing Fence Contractors

Fence Company Summerville SC constructs fences for homes and businesses. This can be a profitable business for someone with the right skills and knowledge.Fence Contractors

You should always do your research before hiring a fence contractor. Check out their reviews online and ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Before hiring a fence contractor, make sure to check their credentials. Typically, they should have at least a year of experience working in the field. This will give you an idea of their work quality and whether they can complete the job within a reasonable timeframe. It is also important to ask for references. This will help you determine whether they are reputable and if their past clients were satisfied with the quality of their work.

The number of years a fence contractor has been in business is another important factor to consider. The more experience they have, the better their chances of completing the project on time and within budget. You can find out this information by asking them for a portfolio of their previous work or asking for references from satisfied customers.

Whether you are building a new fence or replacing your old one, it is a good idea to shop around and get multiple bids. There are many scammers out there, and it is easy to fall victim to their tricks if you don’t do your homework. Look for red flags such as a lack of insurance or a poor reputation.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, be sure to get the estimate in writing. It should include the total cost, payment schedule, start date, and estimated completion date. It should also specify who is responsible for the cleanup and removal of the old fence. The contractor should also be able to provide a copy of their insurance policy and proof that they are licensed as a contractor.

While there are no formal qualifications needed to become a fence contractor, most carpentry or construction companies prefer workers who have at least some training in their industry. Fence installation is a complex process, and it is important to hire someone with the right knowledge to ensure that the job is completed correctly.

Before the contractor starts work, you should clear the area where they will be working. This includes locking away any pets and clearing the yard of toys, tools, and hoses. This will make it easier for them to do their work and will avoid any injuries or damage to your property.


A license is an important factor in a fence contractor’s reputation. It shows that a contractor has been trained and has the necessary skills to perform the work they do. It also helps protect the public from shoddy workmanship and provides a way for consumers to file complaints if problems occur. The process to obtain a fence contractor’s license is generally not very complicated, and most contractors can get one in a few weeks.

Many states require that anyone who performs construction work have a license to do so. This includes plumbers, welders, electricians, and fence builders. However, the requirements for these licenses vary from state to state. In general, you need to pass a test to become licensed and have the appropriate insurance coverage for your business. Some states offer a special certification for fence contractors called the Certified Fence Contractor designation. The program typically lasts a week and requires classroom training, hands-on installation experience, and a written exam. The certification is not owned by any individual or company, but it can be transferred to a new employer if you change jobs.

Fence contractors must have strong physical stamina and construction skills to install fences. In addition, they must have good knowledge of construction laws and the ability to manage construction projects efficiently. They should also be creative to come up with different designs of fencing and choose the best materials for each job. They must also be able to sell the fences they build. Some fence contractors even try to conceal the stolen nature of their goods by removing, defacing, or replacing serial numbers before selling them. In addition, they often transport the stolen items outside their city to avoid being recognized.

Some cities regulate the height of fences within their zoning ordinances. These provisions are designed to prevent projections that may cause injury to people who fall upon them or run into them. Sometimes, these regulations are based on specific situations, such as the presence of barbed wire or other hazards. In other cases, they are based on the power granted to boards of appeal or building inspectors to grant variances to ordinance provisions.


Like any other business, fence installation companies face a variety of risks. Accidents, quality hiccups, and false accusations from clients can happen no matter how experienced or big the company is. To avoid crippling financial penalties, fence contractors should invest in insurance policies that protect them from liability.

Business owners can find fence installer insurance through independent agents and brokers. CoverWallet provides quotes for a range of different coverage options, including general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. These policies can protect a fencing contractor from obligations that arise from worksite accidents, such as property damage. For example, a worker might accidentally hit a utility line with a power drill while installing a fence and cause damage to the client’s property. This policy would pay for the repairs and protect the contractor’s reputation.

A fence contractor may also want to invest in products and completed operations insurance, which is often offered as part of a general liability policy. This type of insurance can help a fence contractor cover costs related to bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, and personal injuries such as libel and slander.

Another important policy that a fence contractor should consider is commercial auto insurance. This type of policy covers the vehicle or vehicles owned by the fence installation company, and it can also include employees’ personal cars if they are used for business purposes. If an employee is injured while driving to work, this policy can pay for their medical bills and other associated costs.

Lastly, fence contractors should also consider commercial property insurance. This type of insurance covers the physical space in which a fence construction company operates, as well as its tools, inventory, equipment, and furniture. It can also cover expenses incurred in the event of a covered loss, such as fire or severe weather.

A quality fence can add significant value to a home or business, and it’s essential for homeowners to choose a reputable fence contractor. Before hiring a fence contractor, you should always check the company’s ratings and reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, as well as on websites such as Angi and TrustedProfessional. A reputable fence company will have a good reputation and should be able to provide references from past customers.


Unlike basement finishing, kitchen remodels, or bathroom tile work, fence installation is an outdoor job. For this reason, many fencing companies can accommodate your schedule and provide an estimate when it works for you.

Ask friends and family about their experiences with fence contractors before selecting a company. Then, read online reviews to find out what others have to say about the company and its services.

A reputable fence contractor should have an excellent track record with a number of positive customer ratings. Also, the company should offer a warranty on its installation and on the materials used to build your fence.

When the sales representative visits your property to work up an estimate, evaluate the site for complications that might drive up costs. Consider obstructions, such as trees and rocks, that could hinder construction. Also, evaluate the grading; if the lot has a steep slope, this will add to labor and material costs.